22nd May 2018

Virtual instances - Phoenix, Arizona Node v314 random reboots

At 22:44 PST our monitoring reported a random reboot on node v314.

At 22:50 PST another reboot had occurred and our engineers have been alerted to investigate the issue.

At 23:21 PST we still could not find out what caused these reboots and so far node is stable.

23:34 PST In order to prevent further downtime, and investigate this node further, we will be migrating all customers away from node v314 onto adjacent nodes. This will be performed over the next 4-5 hours. Each VPS will experience a short outage for approximately 1-3 minutes while migration is taking place.

An update on May 23 01:47 PST: Migrations are 50% completed, everything is going as planned. So far there have been no more random reboots or any other service affecting events.

03:18 PST Migrations are now complete.