27th March 2018

Virtual instances - Los Angeles, DC8 DC8 Outage

13:40 PST our monitoring detected an major outage at DC8, nodes v82XX are not reachable. We are currently investigating.

14:26 PST datacenter reported a major network outage on their side. They expect to have a resolution by 15:00 PST.

15:00 PST datacenter has no ETA at this point. We will update with new information as soon as we receive it.

16:29 PST datacenter provided more information about the outage. There has been a fiber damage between two datacenters in downtown Los Angeles and this is affecting the availability of multiple providers in the area. A team of engineers is currently working to repair the damage.

17:14 PST Connectivity restored. There is still some minor packet loss and latency issues, however this should not affect connectivity in any major way.

We will be closely monitoring the network for the next few hours.

19:27 PST We have received a final notice from the datacenter that this issue is fully resolved now.