21st March 2018

Virtual instances - Los Angeles, DC2 VM Migrations, affected nodes: v4XX (OpenVZ based VPS)

Over the past few months, the demand for our services has been a lot greater than usual. As the result, we are facing significant load imbalances at our DC2 POP. In order for us to continue providing excellent service we have deployed a new cluster of nodes at DC2 and on March 21-22 we will be migrating some customers from v4XX nodes over to the new ones - to even out the load.

Each VPS will be restarted during the migration.

IPv4 address will stay the same.

Total outage time should not exceed 40 minutes per VPS.

We plan to begin migrations on March 21 at 20:30 PST.

05:36 AM PST (March 22): All migrations have been completed.