27th January 2018

Virtual instances - Los Angeles, DC2 Intermittent packet loss in DC2 nodes v770-v781

23:02 PST: We have identified a few nodes in the v770-v781 range exhibiting intermittent packet loss.

Initial investigation points to network driver issues. We are currently performing further research.

00:06 PST Sunday, January 28 : we are applying a NIC driver update to servers v771, v772 and will observe if this resolves the issue. If after a few hours everything is normal, we will apply the same update to the remaining nodes.

01:08 PST: NIC driver update applied to server v780

02:46 PST: NIC driver update applied to server v773

03:09 PST: NIC driver update applied to servers v774, v775, v776, v777, v778, v779, v781.

This completes the packet loss fix. So far we are no longer observing any issues with these nodes.