12th March 2021

Virtual instances - Los Angeles, DC3 Node v7711 outage

09:51 PST We are investigating an outage affecting users on node v7711

10:23 PST We have determined that the cause of the outage is hardware failure

10:29 PST We were able to start the node in emergency mode; we will begin migrating all client's VMs to other nodes shortly

10:48 PST Emergency VM migrations started and should complete within 2-4 hours

11:53 PST Approx. 50% of client VMs have been moved so far

12: 55 PST All VMs have been successfully migrated. We will be closing this incident.

*** After this emergency migration client's VMs will not restart automatically due to the way emergency system moves VMs. If your VM has been affected by this issue, please log in to KiwiVM and start the VM.