14th August 2020

Virtual instances - Hong Kong HKHK_8 intermittent packet loss

At 01:31 PST our systems alerted us of intermittent packet loss at our HKHK_8 location

At 01:34 PST we determined that the issue is within our upstream carrier

At 01:35 PST we have escalated the issue to the upstream carrier

At 01:43 PST upstream carrier acknowledged escalation

At 02:28 PST our upstream provider advised us of an inbound DDoS attack which they blocked manually. Apparently their system did not automatically block the attack.

We will be in touch with our upstream provider to troubleshoot this issue further over the next few days.

Additionally, we are getting in touch with another carrier to obtain a failover connection in case of similar issue.

As the attack was stopped and prevention plan is in motion, we will be closing this issue.