20th April 2020

Virtual instances - Multiple datacenters TPE S1S fiber cut: CN2 GIA packet loss in Los Angeles (all datacenters)

16:30 PST: A TPE S1S fiber cut is affecting CN2 GIA performance at all CN2 GIA locations.

There is a trans-pacific fiber path outage beyond our control. We are hoping China Telecom can quickly find a workaround for this issue to restore connectivity.

This is a global CN2 GIA issue affecting all providers in Los Angeles.

19:00 PST Packet loss has been somewhat reduced. We will be posting updates as they come.

23:48 PST We are observing further reduction in packet loss.

01:20 PST Further reduction in packet loss is achieved, connectivity is mostly stable at this point with the exception of minority of routes

01:38 PST We are no longer seeing packet loss at any of our CN2 GIA locations.

15:00 PST Few clients may still experience some minor (less than 5%) packet loss, as well as increased latency in some cases. We are still observing changes in routing being made by China Telecom in order to address these remaining issues.

Final update: we are still observing increased latency due to traffic being re-routed around the TPE S1S fiber path. This will be the case until TPE S1S fiber is repaired, which usually takes anywhere from a few weeks to 2-3 months.