23rd November 2018

Website Site outage: bandwagonhost.com, KiwiVM control panel, KiwiVM API

At 06:32 PST we have been alerted about an outage on one of our core infrastructure servers.

Affected services are:

  1. Bandwagonhost.com website
  2. KiwiVM control panel
  3. KiwiVM API

Customers VPS instances have not been affected.

At 06:48 PST we have determined that the motherboard has failed in one of servers.

At 07:12 PST we have deployed a new backup server

At 07:15 PST data migration started

At 07:54 PST KiwiVM control panel and API access have been restored

At 08:21 PST bandwagonhst.com website has been restored.

We thank all our clients for their patience during this period. If you are still experiencing issues with KiwiVM or bandwagonhost.com, please do send us a support ticket.