6th November 2018

Virtual instances - Los Angeles, DC9 Network interruption - nodes v91XX

At 13:19 PST our monitoring system reported a network outage at our DC9 location. We are investigating.

At 13:38 PST we have narrowed our search down to the top of the rack switch and are currently diagnosing this further.

At 14:07 PST we have further narrowed this down to a malfunction related to Virtual Chassis configuration.

We will now attempt to repair this. Should repair be unsuccessful, we will be replacing the failed switch (we have spare equipment on site).

At 15:19 PST we have successfully finished all repairs and connectivity has been restored.

In the next few hours, our team will have two more tasks to accomplish:

  1. Find out the root cause of this issue

  2. Develop a permanent fix so that this does not happen again.

There may be a few short service interruptions (under 1 minute) while we perform the above tasks.