18th January 2018

Virtual instances - Los Angeles, DC8 Nodes v8202, v8203, v8204, v8205, v8206, v8207 - intermittent increased latency

15:03 PST We are investigating intermittent increased network latency affecting nodes v8202, v8203, v8204, v8205, v8206, v8207 in DC8 (Los Angeles / CN2)

15:07 PST There is an issue with the NIC driver in the latest kernel. We are not able to revert back to the older (stable) kernel due to the recent Spectre/Meltdown patches.

We are developing a workaround.

16:19 PST A workaround developed and applied, initial tests show the issue is completely resolved. We will perform a few more tests before rolling out the fix across all nodes.

16:36 PST Fix deployed on all affected nodes.