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10th December 2021

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9th December 2021

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8th December 2021

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7th December 2021

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6th December 2021

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5th December 2021

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4th December 2021

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2nd December 2021

Virtual instances - New Jersey New Jersey location offline

17:02 PST: We are investigating an outage at our NJ location. Customers hosted on nodes v22XX are affected.

17:18 PST: We have escalated this issue to the datacenter's emergency team.

18:01 PST: Network connectivity has been restored. Upon initial investigation the cause of the outage is fiber uplink showing low signal level and port flapping.

18:13 PST: Network uplink is down again.

18:34 PST: Datacenter confirmed there is a widespread issue affecting multiple tenants within the datacenter. They have escalated the issue to their emergency response team.

22:35 PST: Datacenter is still investigating the issue, we reconnect with them regularly over the phone and email. So far there have been no updates to share.

23:29 PST: Our uplink is back online, we're able to access our equipment. We're performing additional investigation, but the customers are now online.

08:07 PST: During further discussion with the datacenter we were able to establish that they did not configure our secondary (redundant) uplink correctly during initial service deployment, which eventually caused this outage. As we operate redundant uplinks, our equipment should have transparently failed over to the secondary link, however, due to misconfiguration on the datacenter's side, this did not happen.

We will close this issue and will continue working with the datacenter to:

  1. Bring up the primary uplink (it is still down due to hardware failure at the datacenter, though this does not affect connectivity for end clients)

  2. Migrate to a better failover solution which would allow us to not have this issue in case of future primary link failures.