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Past Incidents

5th December 2018

No incidents reported

4th December 2018

Website KiwiVM control panel intermittent outage

At 19:25 PST KiwiVM is intermittently failing to serve customers primarily in Los Angeles. This is not affecting customer's services, only the ability to access KiwiVM.

At 19:41 PST we have determined the cause: there is a network interruption between our POPs in Los Angeles and Dallas causing this issue. We have escalated this to our upstream providers to investigate further.

At 20:36 PST connectivity has been restored and KiwiVM is back online for all customers.

3rd December 2018

No incidents reported

2nd December 2018

No incidents reported

1st December 2018

No incidents reported

30th November 2018

Virtual instances - Los Angeles, DC8 Maintenance on nodes v8212, v8213. v8214, v8215, v8216

At 17:35 PST we will gracefully shut down the above mentioned nodes to perform emergency maintenance, which should last for approximately 30 minutes.

At 17:52 PST maintenance has been completed. All VMs will start automatically within the next 15 minutes.

29th November 2018

No incidents reported