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Past Incidents

19th October 2018

Payment gateways Paypal payment issues

On October 19 we have noticed an issue with Paypal payment notification system.

Normally, Paypal notifies us about a successful payment within 30 seconds after payment. However, today, some notifications never come to our billing platform. From our initial investigation it looks like approximately 3-4% of all Paypal payments are affected.

If your payment is affected, please submit a support ticket with your Paypal Transaction ID, and we will manually credit the payment for you.

In the meantime, we are getting in touch with Paypal to get this resolved as soon as possible.

18th October 2018

No incidents reported

17th October 2018

Degraded China <-> USA network performance due to submarine cable cut (TPE)

Customers from China may experience packet loss when accessing any resources in USA due to a submarine (TPE) cable cut. We do not currently have an ETA when this will be fixed.

We will be temporarily re-routing traffic to reduce packet loss.

UPDATE: We have re-routed the majority of affected traffic to our backup/failover links and most of the packet loss issues have been resolved. We will continue monitoring the situation and will restore previous (more direct) routing once submarine cable has been repaired.

FINAL UPDATE: We have not observed any issues in the last 24 hours. Original routing has been restored. We are closing this issue at this time.

16th October 2018

No incidents reported

15th October 2018

No incidents reported

14th October 2018

No incidents reported

13th October 2018

No incidents reported